Amenda the lightweaver

So, I have a concept for a new support. A healing to be more percise. The thing is that most healers (Nami/soraka/sona) are very stale. I still like them though. But I want a healer support that you can make some neat outplays with. So my idea for this champion is a mix between soraka and vayne. For the abilites: Passive - Trinity, Standing still for a certain amount of time will activate the passive. Increasing Hp regen and Mana regen of you and the ally closest to you. Moving will disable the passive and all regens to yourself will be zero. Q - Roll, Makes you roll in a certain direction leaving a trail behind. Any ally that steps on it will have increased hp regen. and any enemy that is stepping on it will have reduced damage output. W - Mending, Sends out a skillshot heal in a certain direction healing all allies it touches. or damages an enemy, putting a debuff on them. E - Too far, Sends out a skillshot hook, grabbing the first ally it touches and brings it to the champion. Or if it hits an enemy affected by the Mending debuff it will be slowed. and R - Enrage, Sends out a skillshot ray that buffs all allies in a line making them deal more damage and increased attack speed. I want this kind of champion because it will require skill. Because it doesn't have a point and click heal. You actually have to hit the heal to heal your ally or hit your E to save them or to make a successful engage. And the passive will make it so that you'll either have to stand still and regen, but you'll be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Or move around and loose the regen. I hope that you guys like this concept. If you do upvote so that the rito staff can see it. Have a wonderful day everyone. And may your matches be awesome! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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