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Hey guys , its been a great experience for me and my friends with the new event Odyssey (specially the 2 augment mission) and felt so rewarding after we got the final mission for the Odyssey gem. Thanks a lot ! After we finished the mission my friend send me a picture of an overlay or UI (im not sure what is it exactly or even if im in the right section to ask that question) and he asked me : "My english is really bad can you ask them about this "overlay?" it have a lot of likes in our facebook page community" (here is the link its called :league of legends Bulgaria ) and i answered : "Sure buddy ill do it" and here am i, so my question - Do you guys like it and if you like it is there way to publish it for the league community for example League beta client (so you guys can see how people react and if it doesn't workout you guys can always remove it) Links: Love from bulgaria
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