I'm trying to learn Kled these days (i'm thinking of him as a main if i get good too), and i'd like to ask if there is a possibility of a new skin coming out. I know he already has two, and one of them came out last year, but i can't really feel like it's something special. Because of his style there are a bunch of things you can come up with. Recently i read about a **BAD SANTA KLED**. That's cool! But what about a **GHOST RIDER KLED** ! (In my mind it's dope. Something like the Horse Ghost Rider in the first movie. :P) **HIGH NOON KLED**. The style definitely fits him. If it does not stack with the story, then a simple **WESTERN KLED**. The whole cowboy thing is perfect for him ! Or for those who've seen the series and liked it. A **KNIGHT RIDER KLED**. Skaarl will be a machine who talks like KITT and Kled will be the rider ! (I know that machine Skaarl will be like Battle-cast Kog'maw, but i believe the whole theme will be fascinating !) These were my thoughts on it. I hope people share more of their own. Have a nice day ! P.S. My favorite one of these is the **GHOST RIDER KLED**.
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