New Aurelion Sol Skin Let's MAKE IT A THING!!!!!

New Aurelion Sol skin? I mean yeah the champ has less than 1% play rate, but this is SAD. Aurelion Sol mains are very unsatisfied simply because you ignore us. Jhin received like 2 skins since his release while ASol and Illaoi sit with their basic skins(i have skin for ASol but 99% of the time i use classic because it's just better).Even Illaoi is getting new skin, ASol isn't. I know and i get it it isn't that profitable as Lee or Yasuo skin but it's getting out of hand. Even if it's not profitable (but it is profitable) on Riot Please it was said that every champ has skin in works. And yeah almost every ASol main knows the champ has low playrate,so much animation needs to be done etc. But if you don't want to give us skin for our favorite champion just say it that way. We are here waiting on Riot's blessing to give us skin from multibillion company but yet you can't make a skin and satisfy this small player base? I'm really dissapointed in you guys. But the thing is after all, even if it costed 3250 Rp with only texture change, sadly, we would all buy it, we don't want anything else than a sign you care for us. We just want to have more content for the game because giving (example) Yasuo 2 skins per year and not giving (another example) ASol any skin at all is just not fair to us. Of course you won't listen to me or any other ASol main because we are too low amount of people to even think of you caring for us. Overall i'm dissapointed. This was the message i sent to Riot, We must fight Aurelion Mains for something we want, AND WE CAN'T GIVE UP{{summoner:7}} . {{champion:136}} {{summoner:11}} Let's Make Riot Create us a SKIN, COMMENT THIS,SHARE, POST IT, FIGHT WE WILL MAKE RIOT TO CREATE US A SKIN ASOL MAINS!!!!!!!!!
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