champion concept Moloch the corruptor

contents Breif Apperance Role Stats Abilites Lore Quotes additional ideas Poll (please answer) Moloch is an energy based magic damage melee fighter. Playing Moloch demands an aggressive approach to combat as otherwise he will waste his damage potential and limited energy pool. He takes time to reach his full potential both in the game and in individual fights but once there he can outpace all but the most powerful late game scaling opponents. Appearance: Shadowy figure the height of braum with a clawed left hand and wielding a large sword in his right hand. Clothing consists of a ragged cloak draped over his shoulders and partially over his left arm, trousers over his legs, and a hood completely covering his head. Armour is: one pauldron on his right shoulder secured with a strap running across his torso to his waist, vambraces on his forearms, an armoured glove on his right hand, armoured greaves on his shins, a knee pad on his left leg. His face is completely invisible and nothing protrudes of his hood. Sword is quite similar to black knight ultra great sword from dark souls with some alterations to fit with Moloch’s overall ascetics. Alterations include: having a longer handle with a heavier spiked pommel, the cross guard being made bigger and more pronounced, having the blade becoming half as wide toward the hilt and being is attached to Moloch via a tendril wrapped around his right forearm that allows it to be swung at long range. An inky black substance constantly spurts and crawls across his body and his sword is wreathed in it to the point that it leaves a trail as he attacks with it. Role: fighter/mage Stats Health: 571-2046 Health regen: 8.1-20.2 Energy: 400 Energy regen: 50 Melee: 150 Attack damage: 60-110 Attack speed: 0.660 (+0%-31.3%) Armour: 26.7-85.7 Magic resist: 32.1-53.4 Movement speed: 335 Abilities Passive: Corruption Damage per second: 5+ 2.5Xlvl (+20% AP) Damage amplification: 5%/7%/9% (+1% per 75 AP) Energy restored: 40+10Xlvl energy Moloch’s attacks and abilities apply a shred of his corrupting body to targets they hit for 4 seconds. When Moloch damages the target twice the next active ability that strikes them will cause them to become fully corrupted, connecting them to him with a tendril of darkness while they remain within 500 units of Moloch, that deals damage every half second to them and splitting off to partially corrupt two more targets, dealing 50% damage to them. While an enemy is being damaged by the tendril Moloch’s abilities, along with the one that triggered corruption, will deal bonus damage to them while also gaining bonus effects and restoring Moloch’s energy. Basic attacks and abilities will refresh the duration of corruption and hitting a secondary target with an ability will instantly trigger full corruption on them as well, target’s can only be damaged by the strongest tendril at any one time. Q: Reaping spiral Cost: 120/115/110/105/100 energy Range: 600/350 Magic damage per hit: 50/75/100/125/150 (+32.5% AP) Slow: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 Moloch swings his sword out onto its tendril in a 2 hit combo, first in a long range slam ahead of him before bringing it around for a shorter range 360 slash that also slows enemies hit for 2 seconds. Moloch is unable to move during the slam but can move as he performs the slash. Corruption: Moloch reels enemies hit by the slam into basic attack range before unleashing the slash. W: chaos strike Max movement speed: 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%/15% Cost: 100 energy Bonus damage: 50/70/90/110/130 (+25% AP) Secondary bolt radius: 150 Max Shield: 5%/6%/7%/8%/9% max health + 100/140/180/220/260 (+50% AP) Cooldown: 10 Passive: Moloch becomes charged with entropy as he deals damage with corruption’s DoT, lands abilities on corrupted opponents, moves and lands basic attacks, (movement and basic attacks only build entropy when chaos strike is on cooldown). As he gains entropy he gains movement speed. When his entropy reaches 100 the cooldown of chaos strike is reduced by 50%. Active: The next basic attack in the next 5 seconds causes Moloch to strike with his chaos empowered claw: dealing bonus magic damage and sending 4 bolts of energy forward in a cone. The bolts deal half of the damage of the strike and enemies hit can only be damaged by two bolts, the second bolt doesn’t add a second stack of corruption. This attack consumes all Moloch’s entropy when it strikes the target and if Moloch is at full entropy when he activates chaos strike he will teleport up to 350 units toward his target when he attacks. When the ability is first activated Moloch gains a shield for 5 seconds based his max health and when it strikes the damage dealt by the ability is added on to the shield, there is no cap on how much of the shield can be restored but it has a maximum capacity that cannot be exceeded. Corruption: Moloch regains all the entropy he expended when this ability strikes and the shield will be completely refreshed and empowered to its maximum capacity. E: Dark words Cost: 150 energy Range: 400 Max damage: 60/80/100/120/240 (+64% AP) (+8/9/10/11/12% target’s max health) Max slow: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% Cooldown: 15 Moloch lets out a blood chilling scream at enemies in a cone in front of him for 3 seconds, while being slowed by 15% and unable to make other actions while screaming (Moloch can reactivate to stop screaming). The scream is laced with dark magic that overwhelms the body and soul of anyone that hears it, causing them: to take magic damage every second, have their movement speed reduced (stacking twice) and be silenced for 0.5 seconds every time they are damaged. The damage is reduced down to 60% at max range. Corruption: Enemies are feared instead of silenced while also taking full damage regardless of range. R: Apocalypse Cost: none Heal from damage:4%/6%/8% Range: 1000 Impact radius:150 Damage: 200/300/400(+60%AP) Slow duration:1.5/2/2.5 Cooldown:120/100/80 Passive: Moloch is healed for a percentage of the damage dealt to fully corrupted targets Active: Moloch leaps high in the air before crashing down at the target location. Champions hit by the impact are fully corrupted but only suffer the corruption bonus effects if they were already corrupted. Corruption: Enemies are knocked up for 1 second and deal 15% reduced damage for 3 seconds afterward. Lore He is rage He is hubris He is every urge and desire that would bring us harm He is a life without restraint He is death without comfort He is the suffering that has always been, and will never stop He is the burning forest He is the frozen tundra He is the endless depths, and the horrors they hold within He is the screams of the dead He is the silence of the living He is the torment of those trapped between He is the box of forbidden secrets He is the smith of the blood soaked blade He is the nightmare that exists after waking He is darkness given flesh He is everything wrong with mankind He is the end He is Moloch Quotes Upon selection “The end is nigh” Attacking “Your pain will be eternal” “DIE!” “Give in or be consumed” “You are afraid. Good” “I had hoped to have someone else do this” “you are not the first, or the last” Movement “I’ve been at this a very long time” “Give in to you hate” “Since time began, I have waited” “To destroy me, is to destroy yourself” “As long as there is light, there will be darkness” “Simply destroying them is not enough” “It not me you should be afraid of” Reeling an enemy in with reaping spiral “GET OVER HERE!” “COME HERE!” Taunt Moloch creates a shadow copy of a random human before either: impaling it through the heart; bifurcating it or crushing its head in his clawed hand. “You can’t have what you want, without breaking a few lives” “Darkness is eternal, you are not” “Take what you want, or die with nothing” “You’re not the first or the last, just the next” Taunting Aatrox “You forget your place darkin”/”Know how easily I can unmake you” Taunting Ahri ”I can make you more than human”/”You’ll enjoy what I have planned for you” Taunting Aurelion Sol ”All those stars, do you like what I did to them?”/” You are bound, and soon you will be broken” Taunting Bard ”Your journey ends here”/”I finally found you” Taunting Brand “Not yet, but soon“ Taunting Darius “You’re skill is purely relative”/”You stand over cripples and weaklings” Taunting Diana “Your power is a reflection of Leona’s, hence I can defeat you in much the same way” Taunting Draven ”Glory will be yours at my side”/”Maybe I should use your brother instead” Taunting fizz/Nami “I was in the mood for sea food” Taunting gankplank ”Revenge and gold. I can give you both” Taunting gnar “I prefer the other guy”/”You’re better when you’re angry” Taunting graves “have you gone soft?”/”remember what he did to you Malcolm” Taunting Hercarim “Greif is such a powerful tool” Taunting Illaoi “That squid really is spineless, sending you to fight for him”/”What’s that matter? Is Nagakabouros scared of me?” Taunting jarven IV “You’ll never get anywhere with those principles”/”Just do it Jarven” Taunting jayce “you think a fancy hammer will kill me?”/”What’s bigger? Your hammer or your ego?” Taunting jax “Come at me pole boy”/”I’m the greatest challenge you’ll ever met” Taunting jinx “I love it when I don’t have to shape them”/ “Just keep doing what you’re doing” Taunting Jhin ”You need to think bigger”/”I like your style” Taunting kalista “Complex, but not impossible” Taunting Leona “Let’s see how well you do without the sun” Taunting master Yi “Wuju get out of my way?” Taunting morgana “Your sister? Is it really that simple?”/”I smell another world on you” Taunting nasus “Who do you want to kill you? Your brother or me?” Taunting nocture “How do you enjoy life?”/” You are nothing without me!” Taunting nautilus “I saved you” Taunting Olaf “If death is what you want, then you’ll have to take it” Taunting rammus “Hello? Anyone home”/”Nothing, absoluety nothing” Taunting renekton ”excellent, let the hate flow through you” Taunting shen “You’re angry at him, aren’t you?”/”I made him from your fear” Taunting Soraka “Not even you can save them”/”he wants your heart, and he will have it” Taunting taric “No matter your body, you won’t be able to save them” Taunting Teemo “EEEEVILLLL!” Taunting tryndamere “Kill him, you are much more worthy of my power”/”I wonder who will win” Taunting twisted fate ”He forgot what you did, I will make him remember” Taunting Udyr “When was the last time you bathed?”/”Four spirits to consume, only one body to break” Taunting voidborn “YES! Perfect for my army”/”Obey me and this world will be yours” Taunting sejuani “Why stop at the Freljord?” Taunting Syndra “You’re not a god, not yet anyway”/”Where did you think your power came from?” Taunting urgot “Your torment has only just begun”/”Lucky for me a don’t have a nose” Taunting Varus “Let go and be free of your burden” Taunting Veigar “I bit on the cute side but you’ll do well enough”/”All that matter is the size of your heart, or lack thereof” Taunting Vladimir “Bloody hell, literally” Taunting yasuo “Would you like to know who killed your master?”/”Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill those chasing you?” Taunting Zed “You know nothing”/”He still lives” Joke Moloch acts out part of shia labeouf’s “just do it” speech as he says this lines “DO IT! JUST DO IT!” “Impulsive is just another word for fun” “I don’t have issues with impulse control, you can’t have problems with things you don’t have” Joking near Aatrox “How your little side project going?” Joking near Ahri ”hello foxy lady” Joking near Anivia ”I wonder if you taste like frozen chicken” Joking near lissandra “Ice to see you”/”let it go lissandra, everyone will be dead by the time they get here” Joking near Bard “I’m 10 seconds away from throwing tomatoes at you” Joking near Jhin “I prefer more twists and turn in my plays” Joking near Syndra ”nice to see something good came of that...encounter” Joking near Zed “I don’t need to ask you what’s in the box” Dance Moloch performs the dance for Dagomba Skin ideas Along with Moloch could be the release of multiple Corrupted skins for other champions. These skins would be the result of them to joining Moloch to achieve their goals, and using any means necessary. Potential corrupted champions would be: Ahri, Zed, Syndra, Sejuani, Jinx, Jhin, Nautilus, Draven, Renekton, Gankplank, Veigar, Yasuo, and Morgana. Corrupted skins would borrow ascetics from Moloch’s design: darker colours, more savage weaponry and armour and a generally darker theme to them.
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