New idea to mastery levels

Hi! I have been thinking about mastery levels and that they don't feel rewarding enough after achieving level 7. I had this idea hovering in my head a few months ago and now when the new honor system was unveiled we have had the new honor system for a while I want to show it to you guys :) So my idea is to create honor level 8. BUT it won't be achievable with something like "Get 3 S+ scores and use 700 blue essence" cause that is really lame. That is just the same as level 7. It doesn't really show your mastery and it just feels stupid to "grind" those mastery level tokens. So the mastery level 8 I would like to see would work like the new honors. You would need to have mastery level 7 on that champion and if you get S+ from the game then you will get a special flair/that mastery level thing in the corner for the next game on that champion. And just like the new honor flairs, the mastery level 8 badge/flair (or whatever it is called) would disappear after 1 game and then when you again get S+ score you can get it. So with mastery level 8 you could show your team that you recently had an awesome game with your mastered champion! P.S. I also thought if the mastery level 8 should stay just for a week or something if you don't play that champion :) Then it would really show if you have had a good game with that champion recently and that you didn't get it for example a few moths ago. So this was my idea hope you guys like it :) If you like it leave an upvote and comment below ^.^
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