Everything wrong with League [HELLISHLY LONG-ASS POST]

Sup folks, I'm a league player since season 2. Out of boredom I've made this long-ass post to discuss what I think could be changed in League right now. Feel free to leave your opinion and join the discussion! WARNING: Long post ahead, continue at your own risk! Throughout all these years game changed by a large margin. A lot of rookie mistakes were corrected since 2009 when the game was created and the game itself received a complete visual overhaul a couple of times. Gameplay-wise the game got a bit more complex and a lot quicker, but at it's core it remained the same - destroy the enemy Nexus. The thing with changes is that we quickly get adjusted to good changes and take them for granted. Do some of you remember those good ol' order picks in ranked? Damn, it's been a long time. We quickly got used to our new ranked system where we choose the positions beforehand and pray that we won't fill. There are many more updates but I'm not posting to get some nostalgia points. I wanna point out things that I heavily dislike about the game: * Ranked Flex 5v5 This game mode was about gathering your friends to play ranked as a team. What's the point of solo-duo queue if you can also do it in flex?! Why would you add an another gamemode that people won't care about? I've seen a lot of players go alone in flex, perform bad and eventually give up saying "it's not soloq it's flex bro". That attitude is what pisses me off the most, but I'll get back to it later. Bad thing about flex is that its ranking mmr is completely detached from solo/duo mmr which can result in ridiculously imbalanced teams. I was silver in both soloQ and flex on new account and I happened upon plat3-dia2 (soloQ) players pretty often because they were gold in flex. The games were hella painful at best. Flex needs some reworks first, in my opinion it should stay 1-3 players queue mode (no 5 man teams) and its mmr should be calculated with the following formula: (soloQ mmr + base soloQ mmr)/2, where base soloQ mmr is the mmr a fresh new lvl30 account has before playing a single ranked game. That way teams won't be as imbalanced as they are now. When it comes to 5 man ranked queues, simply bring back something like Clash. IMO Clash was the second best implementation in the game so far (second to old urf). * Leaverbuster being AFK on ragequits 10:46 on the League clock in the upper right corner. You check the scoreboard. 4-18 for opposing team. You understand that the game is lost and you accept the defeat and calmly request to surrender this game in order to save time and energy for the next one that will be more enjoyable. Now its 15:43, you all just died to enemies in a teamfight and they ACE'd you. You call for a surrender vote and you're prepared to go next. However there are those three guys that voted no even though the scoreboard reads 7-26. You're calm and are telling yourself that you'll take an another shot at minute 20 when surrender vote doesn't have to be unanimous. Now it's 20:04 you call for a surrender and poof it's 3/2 and it fails. Your teammates laugh in your face because they know that they're wasting your precious time. Fifteen minutes later you lose the game and you are a little tilted but go next anyway. Another game, and again it's an one-sided game. You say flick it and you leave the game at minute 12 knowing that there's no hope in playing and leave League for a while. Two hours later you come back to your account and you see you've got no punishment issued. All happy you enter your next game where your toplaner dies at 2:04 mark, says "flick this" and ragequits the game and then it hits you. You aren't punished for leaving and they won't be punished for it either! It's as nasty as it can get. Now it's really hard to determine if a person ragequitted or just legit left the game because something prevented them to play the game. There could be some automated system that triggers the Leaverbuster to be more invasive when a person writes something in the chat (e.g. "bye bye", "open lane", "afk"). This would somewhat help in preventing ragequits as ragequitters tend to quit games way too prematurely. * Trolls, flamers and inters If you let a person who's never played League to guess which one of these 3 is the biggest offense I would bet my scolarship that they'd pick a wrong one. -Trolls This is somewhat tricky to detect, these players can either play normally and then switch to troll mode and ruin games. Because of that, I'd suggest doing something that CS:GO has done with their CS:GO Overwatch. Overwatch lets CS:GO community judge itself. An _**Overwatch case**_ is basically a replay that lasts up to 10 minutes of ** the suspect** (a player that's reported for cheating; in csgo cheating is really frequent). It's available in CS:GO client and it's **_available only when a player reaches certain amount of hours on the game_**. This replay is being reviewed by thousands and thousands CS:GO players that observe the playstyle and then judge if the suspect had been cheating or if he's legit. Not all players in overwatch have the same impact on the final verdict. Some overwatchers who have hundreds of cases under their belt have a huge impact on the verdict compared to a new overwatcher who's ready to try it out. Every now and then there will be a _**fake case**_. Fake case is a case where the replay already has a verdict and the suspect came out clean. This one is to ensure that people aren't just blindly pressing ban and are putting people away from the game by mistake. These fake cases are** very important** and I'll talk about them a bit later in my suggestion. When it comes to League, cheating is instantly being excluded out of the game. The frequent problem are people who _**intentionally**_ ruin other players matches. These are hard to recognize automatically and require actual people to view the reports. Let's introduce Rewatch, that's inspired by CS:GO Overwatch! With this feature, players would be able to send a special Rewatch request after the game, all they would have to do is download the replay of the game where they had a troll and then choose up to 8-12 minutes of gameplay where there's evident trolling by a certain player and press an "Order a Rewatch" button. Downloading the replay and choosing the best 12 minutes should ensure that these won't be as spammable as they are in CS:GO and should somewhat improve cases that Rewatchers would get. Rewatchers would begin only after putting in some time into the game. They first start with some kind of placements. These would consist of 10 replays **_improvised by Riot_**. Players with 80%+ success rate in provisionals would proceed and start with real cases. Rewatchers would have some sort of a hidden rating (like MMR) and their impact on a verdict would be scaling with the Rewatch rating. This rating should be hidden and Rewatcher should be able to tell how much impact he possibly has by the rewards he gets for doing good in Rewatch. Every now and then a previously solved replay would hit some Rewatcher's case and will have impact _**ONLY**_ on said Rewatcher's rating (the suspect _**WILL NOT**_ be affected by this verdict because the case had already been solved before, it's a _fake case_). Rewatchers would also get BE and OE (Orange Essence that u use to unlock skins from loot) as rewards. After a while they could be eligible for some fragments, keys and, at rare ocassions, gemstones! Tell me what you think about this one. -Flamers The only violation that can get you a permaban in no time. It's sad because this game used to ban you regarding how SEVERE your harassment was, nowadays it's just about how FREQUENTLY you are punished for being toxic, and this is an enigma for me tbh. This one should be the least bannable offense. Why? Well, do you have a flamer in your team? Just mute him if he's annoying! Oh you've got a troll? Just mute hi-... Oh wait.. Flamers should be punished with chat bans. With extreme cases being punished for THOUSANDS of games. All punished players would also get a lower queue priority and would team up with other toxic players with similar behavior. If extreme cases decide to reform, their chat restriction would be significantly reduced once they reach certain honor levels. Only ultra extreme cases should lead to 2-week bans and eventually permabans just like in good ol' days. Remember only 0.006% of League is toxic enough to get a permaban. Well it's more like 6% right now (rito update your statistics plez). -Inters This one is pretty controversial. A streamer can get a 14-day ban if he ints on stream. However if streamer's teammates are inting and win-trading they rarely do get punished. Ummmm... Question mark? We could use the previously mentioned Rewatch solution with this one too (under "Trolls" section). Congratulations! You've reached the bottom of this post! I know it's been a long journey. Sadly, I don't have a potato so have a cake! {{item:3680}} See you on the Fields of Justice, Summoners! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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