Riot always does half a job

Aight I remember filling up a survey not a long time ago that was about new implementations on the league client. 8.6 arrives and oh great voice chat for the party you're in but not when you play with your random team mates while solo queueing... Can you not understand (talking to Riot and ppl that still think it'd be a negative experience) that it's how a team game is supposed to be played? Many of you say "oh but some people are too shy to talk" or "oh but it'd be too toxic" or "oh ok I can mute but then I get reported for that" and much more bs just so Riot doesn't work a bit more to get things done the right way. I have played Counter strike for years and never had a single problem with voice chat, GOD I can even remember the times I did not like the players in my team because how rare it was. Can't we all agree that Riot does not know how to manage toxicity? Not adding voice chat when playing with random ppl is definetly not the way to go.
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