{Champion concept} - You really should take a look here, I think I have some very interesting ideas.

"Finn, the tormentor of souls" Well, for starters, thank you very much for reading my project. The champion I'm going to present in this publication does not yet have a right name, so I'll call it Finn (a very casual name just so we do not get lost). The initial idea of Finn is to be a boy who transits between the phantom dimension and the real dimension (runeterra). His purpose is to torment the souls of the dead, for he amuses himself with such a feat that in the past made him suffer so much. Now that the ghostly dimension has become tedious, it returns once and for all to the real runeterra to cause "fun" to all the souls of everyone he meets on his way. -- I have two possible stories for Finn (although I like the first option much more) Option 1 - He was a child born near Mount Targon, had his parents killed in battle and wished with all his might that the murderers had their souls tortured. The desire was so great that the Aspect of the ghostly Soul (I call it "Asaf") that resided in Targon marveled at such atrocities that that merry child who had never called attention to it could imagine and desire to suffer an incalculable loss. Finally, just as the other aspects Asaf was ready to control that living being and take his conscience, but to his lack of luck the void present in the soul of the boy was so powerful that allowed the boy to maintain his full consciousness, but he had gained a somber side under the gaudy cheerful expression that had once been his way of life. After realizing the "fun" he could cause as he wanted, the boy went on his journey of ruining the lives of people around the ghostly dimension of the runeterra, the place where all the souls that have passed through that world rest. Now that his actions in the phantom dimension make him bored, the boy seeks to "amuse" the humans still alive, breaking the barrier between matter and spirit. Option 2-  It was a child who lived in a village attacked by emptiness, scared tried to run from the attack but was intercepted by a priest from the void. Such a priest needed a young body of pure soul to corrupt to increase its longevity, although the plan had run well, the child had a Targonian necklace conquered by his own parents after a journey of pilgrimage, such a necklace allowed the child to maintain his conscience , but kept the dark side of the priest, an evil and evil side that hides under the cheerful expression of the boy himself. In contrast, the child's memories were shuffled in such a way that he began to believe that his purpose is to torture and curse the souls of all who find their way, be they in the real world or in the phantom dimension. -- Appearance - Despite having hundreds of years, Finn has the same appearance as when he received his powers: A small boy with blond hair and black eyes as the night. He is always smiling but often under his apparent pure smile he hides an insatiable will to cause pain to the souls of people. He is often childish and acts like a normal child, but make no mistake, when enraged he can be very dangerous, and can kill even gods by attacking their safer parts that only Finn can attack: their souls. Link to His hair color- https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/163339/0552d9bc-0c6a-46cd-8aa3-c94a854bd3f1/s1200 Link to his Eyes http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ra2_yNSyJ1U/VIOci6qHKGI/AAAAAAAACjI/h4UzI_8jHME/s1600/blackeyed%2Ckid%2Ccrian%C3%A7a%2Colhos%2Cnegros%2Cpretos%2C%2B(Copy).jpg - Abilities and Gameplay - I imagine Finn as a support with a totally innovative help mechanic. Their skills are focused on assisting nonmoving champions such as jhin, kog maw, among others who constantly need to get in and out of the fight but do not have the resources to help them precisely. He also has a focus on helping gank with his E skill and turning fights with his R ability. His passive ensures that he is constantly close to his allies in times of struggle or ambush to get the best out of collecting tormented souls ( passive). -Passive - Finn can collect the souls of all the champions in play, be they allies or enemies (represented in a special part above the skill bar, as well as in Kindred and Rengar). Each collected soul strengthens your abilities, as well as ensuring you speed of movement bonuses out of combat. Enemies = 1 Elimination or assistance per target = 1 Tormented Soul / Allies = Each ally has 4 fragments of a tormented soul, Finn draws 1 fragment to each ability "E" that hits the allied champion, Finn only receives the ally bonus after taking all parts of that champion. -Q- Finn strengthens his hands with ghost energy. His next 2 basic attacks will cross all targets on your path, causing additional damage. If the ability reaches an enemy champion, it will receive additional damage from all sources for a short duration. If the enemy champion has his soul stolen, he will receive Stun. -W- Finn twirls in one direction, dealing damage to enemies. If a champion hits, Finn will take the place of his soul for a duration, made himself and the target incapable of taking any action, but become unaffected. If the target is an ally, Finn will heal the target by filling an empty fragment of the ally's soul. -E- Finn releases a ghost orb that carries a straight line that sends champions to the ghost dimension. The orb can cross units. This ability does no damage in the 1st step and reduces the ultimate ability's CDR by hitting an allied or enemy champion. Ally - Provides movement speed, ability to traverse units and allows the target to cross walls freely while the effect lasts. Enemies - Deals damage over time, reducing target movement speed and armor. -R- Finn channels by 1 to cast a scary scream of some of his tortured souls into a cone area in front of him. The ability lasts 3 seconds. Deals damage to all targets, fear for troops and monsters, and slow and silence for all champions in the area (including allies, although the duration and slow are extremely minor). After the scream ceases, Finn releases all the fun he got in the torture, gaining speed of bonus movement. If an enemy champion has his soul tormented by Finn, he gets stun instead of slow. Finn can be stopped by group controls, except for silence. - I hope you enjoyed! It's a rough idea, but I hope someone can see potential at some point. After receiving the zoe, a very cheerful and nice girl, I would love to see a boy a little more withdrawn, with more hatred and evil look (Annie is a dark child, but I do not think the essence of it is the same of Finn's essence) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Please comment what you think so I can improve my way of thinking for future creations, comment if you found something interesting or something unbalanced too! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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