Manaless Ranged Gun Female Champ

//This is my take on a manaless champion (long cd,low dmg,high hp,low range,no cost type), i thought i'll imagine HER a ranged character, a bulky commander wielding a huge gun, having dreads-undercut hairstyle, white chalk marks and suited in heavy armor. //Cuz she manaless (only ult uses Fury bar) she must get close and personal to deal damage (shortly ranged - 320), but she tanky as hell (2100hp, 110ar). Based as a true Front Line Commander her gamestyle is to lead her team while also sucking all the damage she can. Tank-Vanguard / Fighter-Juggernaut. **Bria** , the Impenetrable [Passive] [ both static cooldowns: 34s ] **Impenetrable**: When under 30% health her armor and magic resist get increased by 30/40/50% and can’t be lowered. **Front**: As ally champions join Bria's combat, her next basic attack deals bonus (15% of Bria's armor) true damage, capped at 100. The static cooldown applies to every champion individually. [Q] [ cooldown: 9/7.5/6/4.5/3s ] **Target Lockdown**: By press-n’-holding the ability on an enemy champion Bria _aim-locks_ onto them. She slows herself for 8%, except when chasing them. _Aim-locked_ champions are dealt 108/116/125% damage by basic attacks and as true damage. Bria can’t attack other units until **Target Lockdown** is released. Bria always faces the _aim-locked_ champion. [W] [ cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7s ] **Undershot**: Bria slides for 300/310/320/330/340 (+20% base movement speed) units in the direction she’s facing. Sliding under enemies makes them _flee_ from her for 0.5s. Bria must be moving to cast **Undershot**. She can’t slide through minions or pass walls with **Undershot**. [E] [ cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12s | root: 0.5s | blind: 1s ] **Flashbang!**: Bria throws a flashing capsule that _blinds_ enemy champions. If it is cast infront of them they get _rooted_ as well. [R] [ cooldown: 130/115/105s ] **Exalted One**: Bria burns in fury, instantly gaining 15/20/25 Fury, 40% tenacity, 15% movement speed, and returning (15/20/25% of current health) health over 3 seconds. Bria cuts 3/4/5 Fury per enemy champion kill in her vicinity. **Avenge - Innate**: Enemies that kill an ally champion get a _Target_ mark. Bria gains 20 Lethality against champions marked as _Targets_. Fury decays a point every second. **Exalted One** cancels when all Fury is exhausted.
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