Skin Idea For Kayn HYPE

Im starting to play kayn a lot recently and the more i look at his splash art the more i see Sasuke in him ! I mean cmon he is an assassin , he is quick and mobile, one of his eyes is red and the other (well blue cuz of the form) thats literally sasuke ! And also that splash art with that edgy smile and the hair model etc is well see it for your self However! this is what i was guessing! Sasukes primary abilities are Thunder and Fire! this is PERFECT Thunder for Blue kayn Fire for Red kayn! His normal form would probably have a dress close to this while Blue kayn would have something like this which would look so cool! Red kayn this PS: im not being literal with the pictures but just giving a very basic idea of the outfit and colours! As for animations! Blue kayn E = Would have Chidori,Thunders going all over him and leaving a tray as he is going full speed to zap someone Red kayn E = Would also give kayn some slight shadow wings and cool Amaterasu animtation (black fire) as he is burning the walls! Blue kayn W= Would be smth like Lighting strike comming from above oh that would look so cool Red kayn W= Like a black flame shadow animation and fire when it hits the ground Blue kayn Q= again smooth electricity animations Red kayn Q= firey animations as for the passive i can imagine both forms having their unique passive around them they have passive up for red kayn it would be a black fire shadow around his weapon and for blue kayn it would be electricity as for the ULT when Blue kayn goes inside there is thunders above bzzzjqhdswqehdwe waiting to shoot down into the poor adc xd like this but i can be better Red kayn goes inside there is black flames (amaterasu) around the victim and he is in fire untill kayn gets outside of him and the damage procs! if kayn This is a basic idea! I think it would be so cool and EVERY kayn player would buy it! How can you not! Its just sick and kayn needs another skin! he only has 2 and his player rate is very big so thats money for riot too (if ur a rioter reading this) So what u guys think? Any extra ideas u wanna add? we can make this a thing!
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