Some ideas

Dear riot , dear players , this board is focused on my ideas . However i know that they wont be accepted but i want you to think about them. 1.I would like to change Rumble , as a splash art and him in the game . Why? . He looks like from beta , and almost every champion was changed , but not him. I cant last-hit with him with that basic skin.No , i know how to last-hit my friend gave me his account and he has Super Galaxy Rumble , and i won easily i had over 100 Cs when i was level 9 . So :) 2.hextech key shards drop are really unique. I dont even remember when i got last key shard , it may be like 1 Week ago ... I would like to fix the chance of drop. 3.There should be a market allowing to buy or sell the hextech keys or boxes . I know it can destroy the game . or some stuff like that. But in my opinion it could be really nice thing to add , instead of buffing champions . {{champion:90}} These are my general ideas , if you agree with them upvote this post I know , my english isnt 100% , But who cares Wish you great rest of the day :) Thanks. (RazorSVK)
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