Teskar, the revenger.

**Lore:** Teskar is a humble child with a dream: be someone important. He have a brother, who helped him everytime he could. One day they were going to the castle to see who were the new king of Ahkar. Every civilian started to ger horried because the new king didn't appeard. Teskar and his brother went through the castle trying to investigate. They find out that the king got beaten by Noxus members, and Teskar immediately wanted to help him but it was too late. The king's wife wanted to revenge his death, so she gave the king's armor to Teskar and the knuckles to his brother, who died years later. He start training to get better at fighting and one day the queen sent him to Summoners Rift. Now he fights for Demacia to honor his king and his people. **Habilities:** - Passive (Honored Armor): Every time he gets hited by an enemy champion, he gets the HONORED ARMOR that lasts 5 seconds and recieves 10% shield of his current health and 10% of his current armor and magic resist. *COOLDOWN: 10 seconds. (max lvl) • Example: He has 1000 current health and 150 magic resist and armor, if he gets hit, he gain 100hp shield and 15 armor and magic resist. ___ - _Q (Dodged punch):_ A skillshot hability that he dashes to the left (like Kalista's passive) and go towards the enemy and punches, knocking him back (small knockback, like Gragas' E). *COOLDOWN: 10 seconds (max lvl) × AD scales: Lvl 1: 40 + 80% of his ad. Lvl 2: 60 + 80% of his ad. Lvl 3: 80 + 80% of his ad. Lvl 4: 100 + 80% of his ad. Lvl 5: 120 + 80% of his ad. ___ - _W (Smash)_: A skillshot (like mega Gnar's E) that Teskar jumps and slows the enemy by 30% of his current movement speed and deals damage to all nearby enemies. *COOLDOWN: 7 seconds (max lvl) × AD scales: Lvl 1: 20 + 50% of his ad. Lvl 2: 30 + 50% of his ad. Lvl 3: 40 + 50% of his ad. Lvl 4: 50 + 50% of his ad. Lvl 5: 60 + 50% of his ad. ___ - _E (?):_ A skillshot that Teskar deals damage by headbutting the enemy champion and knocking him back just likes his Q (Dodged punch) * COOLDOWN: 12 seconds (max lvl) × AD scales: Lvl 1: 30 + 60% of his ad. Lvl 2: 40 + 60% of his ad. Lvl 3: 50 + 60% of his ad. Lvl 4: 60 + 60% of his ad. Lvl 5: 70 + 60% of his ad. ___ - _R (?):_ His armor separates from him and he gains 70% (lvl 3) of his current ad but he loses 20% of amor and magic resist. *COOLDOWN: 70 seconds [1 minute and 10 seconds] (max lvl) × Scales: Lvl 1: 30% of his ad. Lvl 2: 50% of his ad. Lvl 3: 70% of his ad. » Ultimate look: When Teskar ults, the armor ditches from him, and a ghost look appears, giving him the knuckles, and he "becames" his brother. ___ **IMPORTANT!** I used my calculate at all habilities and FOR ME seems really balanced. We have to remember that some people will go full AD so, Teskar probably will get absurd AD numbers with his ultimate (R), but can be easy oneshoted. ___ > Hi, my name is Marco, I have 15 years old and I am from Portugal. I hope you guys liked my champion, It was my ideia try to create Teskar, getting helped by my brother (WAV3X, 15 y.o., EUW). And I really hope that Riot Games use this ideia to create on champion, or maybe even Teskar. ___ **PS: Sorry for any english error.** ___ Thank you @Stk94, for the dope sugestion. Some biscoits to you {{item:2010}} !
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