Back Legacy Client Dont KIll Potato Gamers | League of Legends Tribute

Farewell, Legacy Client | League of Legends Tribute
Tribute to the awesome old client we've spent these 7 years ;_;
This client was awesome. With removing it you kill people with weaker machines. I dont say stop updating game for people with gaming tech. Continiue supporting new client and make it even beutifull then its now. I love new client i do, but even with low spec mode still bug. So my idea is continiue to uppdate new client, make it even more beutifull without care people with weak computers and make guys with game machines 100% max good experience. You said its hard to support 2 clients, ok ok no problem, no one want suppoer old client. Just leave old client as a option for people with weak computers. I understand that with new client you want to mix quality with no lag for weak machines, but thats imposible. On one hand guys with gaming machines will have max experience with new client, and on other hand potato gamers will still have option for good client experience. Also no have to worry about new client. Update on max. Potao gamers still will be happy. And never retire it anymore. Make permanently option for potato gamers. League evolves cant only care about potato gamers but still can make them option to play. Even when retire the client after new client (now client) after 15 years still need old client, cause you 3rd client is laggy image you 6 client. make old client forever in history of league as never retire client for potato summoners. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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