new gamemode ideea

Fight throught the gods Basically everyone runs lv 18 + full build and have funny quick gamemodes , having fun etc... , could be funny to train for full build and how you should carry games... , this ideea came in my mind when i was in training mode and was going full build to try stuffs , you can do crazy builds random ... , and it would be up to you how you make it ;)) , it could be intresting , some items would be blocked to be buyed more than 2 times... , ex infinity edge . Basically you would play a full late game in the early and play multiple fast games having fun just fighting others... , or could start with half build , would be some quick gamemode to have fun and enjoy full builds plays , in nowadays we tend to don't run anymore full build and have long games to have fun when we touch full build ,so i thought a mode like this would be crazy to play and train for the times you play ranked insane and have full build ,what you could learn from this game, basically how to position and counterplay enemy.. ,could be quick games ,or semi quick games for farming xp and having fun in 2 modes , one with half build posibility to go ,if you want a semi long game where you farm a bit and fight more.. , or a full fight mode where you just fight enemy and take jungle buffs and drakes /barons to win the game ;)),sometime even late games are hard to win , so you never know. On high cdr items you could be like in urf any time you want to go for that etc.. ;)) , but also have more much fun in my opinnion as you touched max level and all are equal levels .. You know those games where everyone in late game is strong and everyone try hard to outplay enemy and is hard for each side to win the game , i like those games , and i really like to be pushed to play against enemys who move fast have lot's of cc and damage output.

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