New Ward Idea!

SO I don't know how many of you thought about this, but since many of the people who play league will get the Victorious Ward and the Honor Ward this season you could only use one skin. But what if one could chose a skin for a normal Ward and one skin for a control Ward? I mean I could understand if that would confuse people on who placed down the wards and stuff, but maybe RIOT could also implement the feature to disable Ward skins aswell, for the people who do not want to see them. So my idea would be: - Let one chose a Ward skin for the normal Ward - Let one chose a Ward skin for the control Ward - implement a "Disable Ward Skins" button in the settings I don't know how practical that is and neither do I know whether it is possible to do, but it would be great to use both the Honor Ward and the Victorious Ward skin. Any opinions from you guys?
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