Here is Pyke, playing his login theme.

Pyke plays his login theme.
Full playlist: Join our Discord here! Twitter link: This required 60 takes... plus many more a while ago.
Hey! You might remember [Zed playing Megalovania](, [Shyvana playing her login theme](, [Swain playing his login theme]( or [many others](; here's now Pyke playing his login theme! That was a pretty challenging one, so I hope you'll like it! And if you did, you can head over [there]( if you want to see more, this is the 43rd video of the series, featuring many different kinds of songs (login themes, other League songs, national anthems, movie music, Undertale tracks, other video game themes...), so there's plenty more where it comes from, and I'm not going to stop anytime soon.

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