LP tied to performance

Just wondering, probably been said but I've never noticed, why isn't LP tied to individual performances? Surely it would make for better skill distribution as good players that hit a bad run of teammates don't watch their LP melt away, and bad players that hit a good run of teammates (or get lucky with smurfs) aren't then boosted up when they can't perform to a higher level. Would it not also decrease the toxicity of the community? Players being no longer able to blame teammates for their rank would force them to improve themselves, as teammate quality would no longer hinder or help LP. I just think it would make a lot more sense, maybe not a higher ELOs, but certainly through the grind of Bronze/Silver/Gold it would prevent player frustration and salt a lot. Keep in mind this is coming from a Silver 4 player (still got a lot to improve, but a lot better than some people I get lumped with) so I don't know what higher ranking players think of this. So, thoughts anyone?
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