IDEAS: Zilean Deserves a new skin don't you think?

Dear Riot, I am hopeful the community shares a similar opinion to that of myself in that poor Zilean would like a new skin. I was excited at the announcement of the most recent Arcade skins only to be slightly dissappointed not at the skins themselves but at the lack of a new skin for Zilean. Ideas for an Arcade Zilean could even be him carrying an arcade cabinet on his back or maybe a circular dial with pixellated symbols which represent time with the Ultimate animation having pixellated sand clocks rotating etc etc. I also want to mention that Bjergsen who in the pro scene is seen to use Zilean often could even get a skin for his team in this respect. Maybe even Project Zilean or perhaps Battlecast Zilean, could be a sort of half human half robot hybrid with the knowledge/experience of a wise old man but having the durability of a robot. Another idea possibly could be a Arclight Zilean although not sure of how it could look and whether it would work or not. These are just some ideas I thought could be useful in possibly giving my favourite champion a new skin. Hope people share the same opinion as I do and I would love to hear some of your ideas on potential Zilean skins. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Zed :)
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