Bread, Jigsaws, and Ovals

Emotes are really cool, so are champion points, and skins, and capsules, and summoner icons, because you feel like you are collecting or gaining something, elo too. Champion points are the best, I think there should be more rewards for playing games to keep things exciting. Like jigsaw pieces for skins after every game, and once you complete the skin splash art you get a skin shard, and you can trade with friends but there is like a time cap and how many times a day so that this can't be abused. This is like StreetPass, except the reward for that is just the completed jigsaw but in League, we already know what the splash arts are so that prize isn't that good. Collecting stuff makes games that, even if they are sometimes boring because you lose in 5 minutes in this meta, rewarding and worthwhile. Also, the old honour system was visibly cooler as you could see how much you have collected from being friendly, now there isn't a tally anymore and you don't feel like you've accomplished something immediately, and you have to wait for honour capsules to come eventually. I feel like players will want to be more honourable if they can visibly see their progress and feel a sense of accomplishment with being nicer. There are a lot of quality of life things you can do to make the game feel more interactive and fun to players so that they feel like they are accomplishing more. After Level 7 on a champion, there isn't much more to do, missions are amazing but they aren't that regular, they offer super cool rewards though. The choosing of splash arts on the profile was awesome and skin icons in the game, if you keep doing more things like this the game will be even better. I like the jigsaw idea but if you don't that's fine, it's just a suggestion. c:

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