Sylas Kit changes

I know that Sylas barely has been announced, but by looking as his abilities, i just thought "Wow, that is kinda overpowered. And it doesent even fit to his caracter." A mini dash with a heal, another dash with a shield? how can I interprete that? The same with Neeko. Riot just had an idea of a game mechanic and just built the champion around it. I hope that, in the future, Riot will release champions that give you kind of feeling of what the personality of this champion is. For example Pyke: His Bone skewer fits to his Harpoon design, his W to his sharky, ocean type and his E resembles a phantom just jumping at your face. Or Braum, who when you block damage with your E, really feels like a protective nice guy. But Sylas? He doesnt feel like any broke out criminal. I would suggest a Garen-Q-like ability, where he frees himself from a slow or even a root (breaks free from cc), what gives him more like a freed prisoner-personality: Greetings, a summoner
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