Zed mini rework concept

Here are my proposed changes: Passive: After swapping places with a shadow(reactivating W or R), Zed's next basic attack withing 2 seconds deals 20% tAD bonus physical damage. Q: - bonus AD ratio 90% >>> 100% - projectile speed 900 >>> 1000 W: - unchanged E: - unchanged R: - tAD ratio 100% at all ranks >>> 50/75/100% tAD Why should Zed be changed? Currently, Zed is hard to punish in lane because he can farm safely under tower with his passive. Zed does too much damage with R > E > basic and, if fed, can kill targets without hitting a Q. Why should Zed be changed this way? Passive: One of the most fun thing to do when playing Zed is the W > E > Q > W > basic combo. His new passive would have great synergy with this combo and encourage agressive plays, rather than farming safely under tower. Q: Zed's Q by itself is very unsatisfying. Late game, hitting a basic attack can do more damage than hitting a Q. Also his Q is very slow(for comparison Blitzcrank's Q has 1800 speed, which is twice as fast as Zed's Q). Those changes aim to make his Q more reliable and rewarding. R: His R does too much damage by itself and he should rely more on hitting his Q's.
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