[itemline]Compact Thruster

> This idea keeps the removal of the sightstone in mind (is on pbe). With clockworks been so successfull. I would like to suggest something similar but this time to cover a much wider area that would benefit a lot of melee champions and help filtering out expensive buildpaths. Here we go: #Compact Thruster * **Cost:** 400 gold * **UNIQUE:** Slows all nearby units within 500 units range by 55% for 2 seconds (one time use). * **Build into:** {{item:3143}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3092}} ({{item:3146}} {{item:3153}}{{item:3022}} ) Like mentioned the item will function similar to that of clockworks. The item will change into a broken version and lose it's active after the use. This item will basicly build into almost every slowing item in the game. Certain melee champions can become very depended on slowing items to provide enouge sticky power against his foes. Slowing item often are very expensive or having weird buildpaths to compensate for the power it provides ones it's compleet. This results that melee champions often delay their power for getting item like this and this benefits aren't always as straight fowards than they used to be. I would like to give an example with a jungler named {{champion:102}}: This champion doesn't have a lot of lockdown in her kit. So she useally goes for something like {{item:3022}} {{item:3143}} add some point in the game. However this doesn't provide her any use in the earlygame. This results into a passive farming playstyle (like her kit intends). However when it does forces her into a gank add some point. She doesn't have a lot of tools to make it happen. Going for this item would provide that option. A {{champion:57}} top is behind. Let's buy this item and get a kill off by roaming or setting it up for your jungler. How about using the active when you flank their backline. TL;DR An item that allows you to make something happen (btw shyvana is broken right now, poor example but you get the point)
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