Sergeant Deathcog - The Noxian Law Enforcer (Cyborg)

Sorry Guys, Another concept Happy for tweaks if its a good idea. **Sergeant Deathcog - The Noxian Law Enforcer** (cyborg) **Class - **ADC **/joke -** pretends to be an answering machine when Kled calls **Start of round- **Choose your modification (Viktor esk idea) - Explosives, Infantry or Technology **Passive - confiscated Arms -** random drops that activate on pick up which contribute to DC's normal attack (According to Mod Chosen) 1) Grenade launcher - launches 1 grenade for next auto attack (Splash damage) - Expl 2) Armour piercing bullet - slows target - Infantry 3) Riot Shield (force field) Temporary shield for seconds - Tech **Q - Licence to kil**l - fires shotgun - 1 double barrelled shot - (Like corkis machine gun) **W - Seize Them! -** Blasts speakers - Applies fear in a small AOE **E - Baton** - Swings a baton in a small crescent - dmg only but with a chance to stun **R - Ulti** - Depending on your Mod choice: **BFG - The Big "Freaking" Gun** (Long standing FPS joke) - 1 massive damage dealer to a single target (Laser) - Tech - Transforms into a laser gun **Rapid Fire** - Auto Channelled 50 cal gun shooting in a cone (Like MF,) slows those that are hit- medium damage - like jhins ulti but with less control or range - Inf - Transforms into a mounted gun **Salvo** - One massive artillery shell with burn and knock up but damage is sacrificed - Small Damage - Explo - Transforms into an artillery gun Hope this was an enjoyable read, i leave the technicalities to the experts.
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