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hello i am looking for a duo partner i am stuck in silver and no matter how hard i try i cant get gold back im silver 2-3 constantly and just stuck im a kind player i dont flame or feed but mostly not flame because i dont like blaming others even though i know this matchmaking is rigged to the bone since ive been in high plat on serveral accounts and diamond season 3 i want better mmr i want winning streaks i prefer you are silver like me or gold i main jungle/top/mid i have team speak can speak english and dutch i just want a duo partner i can rely on if hes better then me that would be awesome so i can learn aswell im just tired of this silver elo where feeding is just out of control and they dont care either this wasnt like this in older seasons the hardcore feed you see now is unbelieveable if you wanne duo with me sent friend request and we aim for highest elo possible im also hardcore gamer with alot of free time my name is wappiemans
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