Cool ideas and features that I wish would be added to the new client

Hi, Im here to share my thoughts about what could get improved on the new client. I hope you guys can understand and criticise my ideas. * First, I'd like to be able to see other player's Honor level when i click on their profile to see how my friends are doing and a progress bar to know when im about to hit the next honor level. * Seeing other player's Highlights that they recorded when you click on their profile. Although I understand that would cost a lot of money and take a lot of work, seeing other player's funny moments and plays would be such an awesome feature. * Bringing back the feature that allowed us to spectate high elo games. I'd really like seeing this be brought back to League. * More player status options. I don't like being limited to just "Online" or "Away". How about some fresh new things like "Looking for game invites", "Busy" "Sleeping" or even "Offline" so you can be in the client and not be bothered by game invites / messages. * Seeing other players' mastery level on more than just the 3 highest mastery champions. * More options for profile customization. How awesome would it be if you could be using the URF icon and still have that sick pulsefire ezreal background on your profile without the need to wear the pulsefire icon. Or better, if you could choose to use the splashart of your main champion as your profile's background. Or just display the mastery of your 3 favorite champions instead of the 3 highest ones. * Changing the game type after creating the lobby, and automatically transfer your friends to the new lobby without them needing to accept again (idk if this is possible) * Custom games in maps like Crystal Scar or the maps of Invasion and darkstar gamemodes and being able to change the game rules of the custom game to be like "just kill as many oponents as you can" in the darkstar map, for example. essentially, making the custom games a little bit more customizable. (this idea might cause some controversy.) If you have any idea, write it down in the replies. I want to see your concepts to improve League and hopefully Riot can read them and consider some.
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