Malzhar rework idea

Passive: unchanged Q; damage nerf, but now when it resets malefic vision's duration it deals the malefic vision's "initial damage* W: no longer a active it's a passive now, for everytime malefic vision's initial damage is applied to a champion or a epic monster a voidling is summoned behind that target only follows the malefic vision that summoned it and dissapeares with the disappearance of that malefic vision E:reduced damage, but has high initial damage (like morda's ult) this initial damage can only be once again procced on the same target only onve ever 1.5 second(changeable) R: base dmg removed only percentage left, if it procs malefic vision's initial damage it deals instead double that damage Notes: -malefic vision is the name of malza's E i used alot so it wouldn't look like a typo or annoying -This is totally fan made -The initial damage that i gave to his e was for 1v1s where u only had to press e once and kept reseting it with q making the e useless and w unstackable or a waste of mana -his e should get new effects indicating when the initial damage is reproccable, and a change in his abilities's names to match the new kit -The cooldown to reset his E's initial damage is so that it leaves room for skill to shine and both give a warning to the enemy that he might try to combo you anytime now, just like in leblancs case if he spams all his buttons he will lose so much damage from both w summoning less voidlings and E not being procced thrice -((Test idea: new effect for his q: all targets hit by this ability are marked if atleast one of them is a champ or a epic monster who is affected by malefic vision all other champs or epic monster are hit by malefic vision)) -this one is to give his q some importance in teamfights to dodge or get away from whoever is affected setting malza up for a better ult That's all folks , hope you like the idea, as a malza main i can see it happening, the idea was all mine but i did get help coming up with it by (A Red Herring) Toodles
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