How to ruin Darkin lore, just make a video and a comic!

We had Darkins for a long time, starting from Aatrox the Darkin Blade. At first they were this Almighty gods of blood and war, when Kayn got released we saw Rhaast the Darkin of death. At first I had some hope. I thought cause they showed the original forms of Kayn and Rhaast. I thought Rhaast was an exception and was a Darking who was sealed and was slowly beating Kayn. In the new Varus video one of the devs said '' What if the Darkins were the weapons '' I hope he meant that they were a race and all of them got killed and the other 5 was sealed. I will not talk about the race much, I will just talk about this new Varus '' lore ''. So apperantly now, The Darkins the almighty creatures who bends humans hearths and thoughts easily ( In fact Aatrox was able to make people go in a bloodlust with just some words ) can be beaten by mere humans. This is laughable, ruining a good concept to just tell a love story about a champion who could have allot of a better lore in allot of ways. This Darkin of Vengeance can apperantly be beaten by 2 mere humans with 0 speacial anything, just love nothing more than that. (I can understand Kayn to resist Rhaast a bit but even he lost half of his body even thought he had the shadow art and emotional power much more then theese '' Beast hunters ''). Emotions that Darkins bend easily can now apparently be used against them somehow even if they can beat them easily. I don`t know who thought of this idea but they ruined Darkins for a archer no one cared about. The almighty gods of blood are gone, the Darkins who bends human wills easily, who can erase them easily and can use them are gone. Now what are they? Just a plot tool. Can`t make a good original character lore? Put in a Darkin! Varus has a great potential at lore with the sealed flames beneath the temple? Put in a Darkin! Aatrox has a long and affecting lore which fits him well? Make it into a 1 paragraph thing which is even worse then Ap Zed! Making lore about Blood Gods is kind of hard? Make them Weapons! Honestly, my respect for League of Legends lore is gone. This is laughable.

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