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Xbox One X update: Microsoft targets PC gamers with HUGE new release
Microsoft could make the Xbox One even more like a PC in time for the release of the Xbox One X. Xbox One will get mouse and keyboard support in the near future, according to Microsoft's Mike Ybarra. "Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming," he told Windows Central.
I Think some of us heard obout the Xbox One X and its support to mouse and keyboard i won't write alot so people dont get bored Many of us are console gamers but enjoy playing league of legends anyway and i think that if lol will be playable on the new xbox one x many of lol players would buy it only for this "feature" so i already sent a ticket to a riot employee and he recommended me to post my suggestion here i hope another riot co-founder or any one with bigger authorities read this {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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