Champion concept of a Control Mage/bruiser hybrid support

This is pretty long so sorry if it gets very boring. If anything, the abilities are the most interesting. I have this idea of a champion in my head that has being on the corner of my mind since the last week. Where it started as an ability concept, worked its way to a fully developed character! I shall call her Dank throughout this article (haven't come up with a name). Appearance: This champion will be female. She will be a yordle since her lore will not fit the race of a human. She looks like Poppy but instead of armor, she wears a yellow cloak that is decorated with vegetation like flowers. She handles a staff that is slim but curved into a large ball on the top (similar to that of the stat stick of stoicism aka The Brutalizer). The stick is engraved with numerous sigils and carvings of her native. It is clearly seen in her splash art. She will be relatively short due to her yordle origins. Lore: I knoticed that pretty much every race in League has a 'champion' who competes in Smmoner's rift in the tournament League of Legends. Therefore, the lore here is about two tribes just outside SR (top right of minimap, somewhere along those cliffs), who also wants their tribes knoticed by others. Both clan wants to propose their own 'champion' to the rift. These two tribes also worship a goddess and she offers her magical powers to the person that defeats her. Both clans wanted their own champion and as a result, gets into a dispute but ultimately came to an agreement. Therefore the two clans prepare for war and this is where Dank comes in. You see, unlike everyone else in her clan and the opposing clan, Dank is not into fame and glory. She is a tomboy (and an airhead) who wouldn't mind spending the rest of her life helping at the farm and herding cattle (I dont know what Lol cows are called). Think of her as someone like Sayori from Doki Doki. She also has a friend who she grew up with since infancy, who is called F (he wants glory and fame though but respects Dank's decision in life). Dank loves playing a game similar to that of baseball (what is important is that she loves to hit things hard with a stick and watch it fly really far). She is really good at it due to frequent practice with her childhood friend, F. Herding cattle is a bit different in her clan, where she has to a line between two 'cattle' to draw them together (think of it like a short rope with two plunger like things at the ends). Since Dank grew up herding cattle, she basically mastered the art of this technique. So the two clans prepare themselves for war. Dank is told to join but she refuses. She is looked down upon by her clan members. F joins the preparation and before going off to rest for the big day, he comforts the sad Dank (who wasn't as cheery and gittery as she normally was), telling her he will become a champion and have her as his bride so then no one will ever bully her. F quickly said it was intended as a joke when he knoticed that Dank is speechless and blushing but in his mind, it wasn't such a bad idea. Dank is now back to her cheerful self. The day comes and both clan go to war against their goddess. F was told to act as communications in the backline in the final moments. Although relunctant and visually dissapointed, he accepted. Meanwhile Dank is playing baseball after another successful herding. Unbeknowingly (typo?) to her, she was getting closer and closer to the battlefield with each strike. The two clans fought mainly with weapons of steel since both clans are novice at best when it comes to magic. The battle was very one sided as a result since the goddess uses magic to swipe away the arrows and threw fireball stuff to keep the clans from progressing. Then the clans show their catapults. They attacked with normal boulders at first but inbetween some attacks, they hid hextech explosions inside the boulders. The explosions of these hextechs overtime, caused the goddess to get disorientated and soon she was weakened and temporarily down. The two clans cheered as they saw this progress and was ready to celebrate until they remembered the conditions of the reward. Only one person may receive the goddess's blessings. Where the clans were fighting in cohesion at one stage, now turns into a civil war as both clans now target each other, all wanting to get the last hit on the goddess. Attacks still rang out towards the goddess but now also between each other. The goddess was almost defeated but an attack on the generals of the clan caused a temporary ceasefire towards the goddess. The goddess smiled in relief as she can now recover and end this trial. She started to rise up. Then a stone smashed into the back of her head and she crumbled like a stack of cards. Everyone stopped fighting to try and find the one who will receive the blessing. Trudging the the bushes, came Dank, confused at the giant body in front of her. The goddess's spirit rises up and congratulates Dank for slaying her and now she is about to give her all her magic. Everyone from both clans shouted and pleaded but the goddess shrugged this off, stating that they are jealous. On the last second someone shouted that this girl cannot even use the base of magic. But it was too late and just before the goddess dissapeared from existance, she looked upon the short, purple girl in shock. She immediatly regretted everything and tried to reverse the transferring but ultimately, failed. With a puff of smoke, the goddess spirit turned into a yellow glowing ball. This ball was renowed for its incredible magic and was rumoured to be the strongest magical item to exist due to the fact that the ball can duplicate any magic in existence, meaning the caster will never have a weakness and always have a strength, and only works under the orders of the owner. But in the hands of Dank, who can't even do the simplist of magic... It was a tragedy! Everyone starts blaming each other and soon, blades were drawn against not only opposing clans but each other as well. E tries to caln everyone but they were like 'you done us over! So stfu'. Dank gets sad as she stares at the yellow ball, floating closer to her but never too close. F steps up and tell everyone to stop. F continues to tell everyone that Dank actually changed her mind last night and decide to fight but stratigized in secret and planned all of this. The final hit. Everyone was persuaded by F's little lie and now they see Dank as a cunning and resourceful woman. Dank was trained for the next couple of months by the top mages in both clans (with the greatest mage reaching half-way through novice), however Dank was not able to learn a thing. Dank had an awful habit of tossing the goddess weapon around at first, before throwing it at full force. It would smash through boulders and carve inself into mountains but with a whistle from Dank, it flies right back which some mages see as degrading. One day the mages crafted a magical staff for Dank, extra durable since they know of her habits. Dank went straight to playing baseball with the goddess weapon, causing one of the mage to fall down and suffer a heart attack. This would soon become Dank's new favourite toy. A ball that comes back when she hits it away! The elders first saw this as immature and tried to think of a way to de-link the strong oath between the weapon and Dank. But F convinced them that they shouldn't. 'The weapon is working just as fine as a projectile! It never breaks so it's pretty deadly in her hands!' Through many discussions, the elders finally gave in and allow Dank to use the magical goddess orb as an indestruable baseball. Dank thank F the night before she leave and F joke about how things turned 180. Dank could feel the jealousy and starts to lose her way with words. Sensing this, F quickly tells her 'I suppose a life of supporting the Grand Mage Dank is just as rewarding in terms of fame and glory! If not more since I skip all the hard work! xD'. Dank is now filled with determination (no references), and promises to make F famous. Dank, now dawned in yellow cloak, sets off to Summoner's Rift. F waves goodbye with a tinge of jealousy as he always visualised him in her current position but it was quickly brushed off when he realised Dank is going to the smacking dragons and darkins in the face with a staff. F felt a grin across his face. Abilities: Dank will a range control mage who can turn into a melee tanky bruiser from a click of a button. Passive: Dank gains more AP and AD the longer her ball remains on the field. Gaining a stack every 10 seconds up to 10 stacks. Stacks reset if ball disappears. The range before it disappear is a bit smaller than orianna's ball. This passive is to encourage Dank to make use of her ball. Q: Dank throws out her herding rope. It has two casts. First cast is guaranteed hit (point and click) whereas second cast is a skillshot, stopping at first enemy hit. Both casts can be casted/interacted with Goddess Orb (that magic ball Dank has). After her first cast, she can cast q again within a set time limit. If both casts are successful, the enemy effected by the second cast, will be pulled towards the enemy effected by the first cast (think of it as zac's streching strike (q)). Both are stunned. The enemy effected by second cast is stunned longer (1.5 second) opposed to the enemy effected by first cast (0.5 second). This is to add difficulty to Dank's kit, and not make her easy free cc. W: Dank summons her Goddess Orb which appears after a brief moment (1 second). Upon arrival, the ball does low damage to a small area. The ball remains stationary. The ball will disappear if Dank moves to far away (think orianna ball). When the ball is on the field, W becomes a short range dash (vayne's tumble range, not adjustable and can't cross terrains), holding up to two charges, with 0.5 second cdr inbetween dashes and a decent 10 second per charge early game or rank 1. E: Dank swings her staff in a target direction. Hitbox is rather thin, size of pyke's hook. Has two areas. The area closest to Dank and a larger area up to 425 range (think of a slightly longer melee champion's aa range when you have 'display aa range' on, and then a 425 aa range. Now overlap those two.) If the ball or any enemy is hit by the inside area, then it is knocked by 500 units. Also does good damage If enemy is hit by outside area, it does much lower damage and does not cc them or knock them back (think of it like aatrox q's but in reverse). The ball does not move if it is hit by the outside area. Wen the ball is struck, it stops at first enemy hit, deal damage to a small area (same area as when it spawns on ability w), and stuns enemies inside that area for 0.5 seconds. Those enemies are then debuffed with 'Struck' for the next 5 seconds. Getting 'struck' again will deal more damage each time and increase the stun duration by 0.5 seconds, up to 5 stacks. E cdr is reduced if the ball hits an enemy champion, reducing more the more champs hit. I know 2.5 seconds sound harsh but you had 4 chances to prevent that from happening. If you get hit by the ball at 5 stacks then you probably deserve it. R: Increases Dank's auto range. Gain extra health and damage equal to bonus ability power. All for 10 seconds. Sounds boring but geniuenly my ideas were focused mainly on her q,w and e. I suppose switching from defensive backline to tanky frontliner doesnt sound too bad. I see her as an early to mid game champion, much like Thresh. In fact, I believe her role should be ap support since there is more people to hit with her ball and a potential double stun from her q. Plus cc. Also I first called Dank 'E' so if any part is like 'E didn't like to...' then it was meant tk be 'Dank didn't like to...'
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