New Game Mode Idea

Hi all! This is my first post ever so please don't hate if I get something wrong xD. I would like to make my game mode idea known to the community and to Riot games if it gets that far, but this is only an idea. If I am not the first to post this idea I am sorry. The game could be normal 5v5. Every player chooses a champion. Once entering the game, each champion will receive a new set of abilities. The abilities can be on PQWER or just QWER. The P would be for making the specific champions picked more ideal and purposeful. The abilities will always consist of other champions abilities. For example, a player picks Twisted Fate {{champion:4}} in champ select. Upon entering the game his passive could be the normal Twisted Fate passive, but his other abilities would be as follows: * Q is {{champion:161}}'s Q' Plasma Fission' * W is {{champion:432}}'s W 'Caretaker's Shrine' * E is {{champion:119}}'s E 'Stand Aside' * R is {{champion:86}}'s R 'Demacian Justice' * P another champions passive if not his own. A problem with this game mode would be that some abilities would not work with others. For example having {{champion:268}}'s Q 'Conquering Sands' the player would never be able to use it as he has no soldiers. Another problem could be balancing the abilities. Maybe a certain champion has a very strong kit that has good synergy, while another person gets the full {{champion:6}} kit, this is completely not balanced. I guess because it would be random this is just something that can't be changed. On the other hand adding the random spell generator could add another fun twist to the game. There would also have to be conditions set in place. I think a single champion cannot have two abilities from the same champion in their kit, or that two of the same abilities exist in the current game. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, I would just like to put it out there to get ideas and thoughts. Any feedback or opinions will be greatly appreciated! I hope you guys like the idea.

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