[Gamemode Concept] Teemoball

Small 10 min game modes, such as the dark star gamemode, can be fun to play once in a while, so here's my concept for another minigame I call it "Teemoball", and it has a fairly simple concept A teemo spawns in the middle of a relatively small map and players from both teams try to go pick him up to toss him into the enemy fountain and murder him One of your two summoner spells is replaced with "Teemo toss" which throws teemo a set distance depending on how long you charged the ability, any champion can intercept the toss and steal teemo, ally and enemies alike Hard CC makes champions drop their teemo As the game progresses teemo starts being more of a %%%%%, ocasionally blinding (nearsight) the champion carrying him, throwing shroomies in their way and running away when no one is carrying him The first team to reach a set score within a time limit wins, and if the time runs out while both teams are tied the team with the highest average kda wins Gold generation and passive experience is also increased by **a lot** so that players can get to near full build and lvl 18 within the course of the short game Evelynn, teemo and yuumi are disabled Opinions ?
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