Advanced Tutorials

Hi Fellow Leaguers! Like many players I would find myself matched up with a team who seem lacking basic knowledge about either mechanical plays or knowledge about timings. Advising would often get me in a bad position. This either makes me lose "the game" for a chat gone toxic or it will leave me feel bad for actually trying to help players improve. This all made me think.. why don't we have a advanced tutorial for any player who would like to improve them selves. Think about a set-up scenario of what ever could be meaningful to improve. Categorized into multiple groups: * Beginner techniques * Advanced Techniques * Professional Techniques. Within each group multiple exercises like: * Stutterstep practice * Peeling practice * Skill dodge practice (think of an intensity lvl. Slow-fast), * Disengage practice * Engage practice This all should require a lot of AI developing, though the scenario's could be played out with a fixed champion. Manged to complete the scenario? Move on to the next one and get that reward, or play another Summonors Rift. Anyway in my opinion there is so much this sort of system could bring us, the Players and Rito Game. Please Respond?
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