Guu, the failed experiment

Lore Nobody knows what this entity used to be. Was it alive to begin with or was it artificially created? One thing's for sure - it should never have been brought to life. Guu started as a concept, created by a shunned chemist. His original idea was to create a chemical substance that would be able to collect data from the environment it comes in contact with and would then be able to replicate that data with a 99.94% accuracy rate. Naturally, such an outlandish idea would be considered foolish but not for the twisted minds of Noxus' biological research development team. The chemist was, one night, quietly abducted and imprisoned within a citadel deep in the noxian capital. There, he was forced to develop his idea. However, the research team was rather unsatisfied with his lack of "vision" and the possibilities his research could produce. When his usefulness had come to an end, he was disposed of. Still, the scientists were unable to produce the desired product. Perhaps the chemist had kept a portion of his original blueprint of the substance a secret, or perhaps it was never viable in the first place. The fact remained that they could only produce a small, 150ml black ooze with no other properties than "changing color" depending on the environment it was located in. Labeled a Failed Experiment, it was bottled and locked deep in the noxian vault. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, the ooze started to develop and grow. It absorbed the information of the bottle and managed to, in time, break out of its prison. Now, free to wander the vault, with all the biological and non-biological data stored in it, the ooze bid its time and continued to grow. Years later, a group of aspiring young noxian scientists entered the vault with the goal of finding the ooze and continuing their predecessors' work. But what they found was no longer a 150ml black goo, bottled up and tucked away, but a massive pool of slime, bubbling and bursting. The young scientists approached it with curiosity but that proved to be their downfall as the ooze consumed them as it had consumed countless other specimen and substances. With the door to the vault unlocked and freedom withing its grasp, the ooze moved onward. Yet, there still stood one obstacle before it - the might of the noxian military. No living being had ever escaped from the borders of Noxus. The goo needed a way to sneak out undetected. But due to its size it could no longer fit through pipes or the sewage and remain unnoticed. At that precise moment, as if fate itself had taken the reigns, the ooze entered a new stage in its evolution. It began assimilating the biological information of the consumed scientists, analyzing it down to its core molecules and replicating it to near perfection. Out of the ooze emerged a body - that of one of the scientists. The remaining ooze material slowly drained in the main body and formed clothes. Slowly, it learned how to walk, how to move its arms, how to blink, twitch, how to mimic a smile. It analyzed the human language and was able to produce coherent sentences. It even mimicked the limp one of the scientists had, as the information regarding the damaged nerves was also imprinted. It slowly made it's way out of the vault, out of the building and onto the streets. Blending in with the crowd, the goo, now in the shape of a human being, disappeared withing the human mass, never to be seen again. That was, until it one day made its way to the Institute of War and breached it. Now, with access to all the information it could possibly want, from all the powerful entities battling within Summoner's Rift, Guu, as it named itself, would have all the time in the world to grow and evolve. Until there is nothing left. Artwork: Abilities: Passive: Information Analysis Guu's attacks and abilities mark the target for 10 seconds (minions cannot be marked). The next basic attack against a marked target will deal bonus 20/25/25/30/30 (+5.5% of bonus ability power) magic damage and the next ability (excluding ultimate ability) will have a bonus effect. The mark will then be consumed and the target will be immune to the mark for an additional 15 seconds. Q: Acidic Splash (75/80/85/90/90 mana) (15/13/11/9/9 seconds cooldown) Guu sprays acid from his body, hitting enemies in a line. The first enemy champion hit takes 75/100/125/150/175 (+25% of bonus ability power) magic damage. Every additional enemy hit takes 50% reduced damage. Marked targets: Take an additional 25/30/30/35/35 (+25% bonus ability power) magic damage over 5/4/3 seconds. W: Material Eruption (50/60/70/80/90 mana) (20/17/14/14/14 seconds cooldown) For the next 5 seconds, Guu's body begins to burst, hitting surrounding enemy champions for 25/25/50/50/75 (+50% bonus ability power) magic damage per burst. Guu is able to freely move, use summoner spells and active items during this period but is slowed by 30/25/25/20/20%. Marked targets: Also slowed for 20/25/25/30/30% for 1/1.5/1.5/2/2 seconds. E: Liquefied Form Guu's body becomes increasingly liquefied. For the next 1/1.5/1.5/2/2 seconds, Guu will ignore any and all enemy abilities and take 30/40/50% reduced damage from basic attacks. Marked targets: Guu will also ignore the basic attacks of marked targets for the duration of his liquefaction. R: Replication (50% of current mana) ( 100/85/70 seconds cooldown) For 5 seconds after marking an enemy, Guu is able to assume their form and become a perfect replica. When he assumes their form, Guu gains complete access to their abilities, summoner spells and inventory for a total of 5/6/7 seconds. Guu also copies the target's immediate statuses, buffs and debuffs. Any copied abilities Guu uses during this time cost 0 mana. During his ultimate, Guu cannot mark targets. Additionally, if multiple targets are marked, Guu will select one at random if replication occurs. Champion concept clarification: This was my original idea for the community champion concept but due to me having piss poor art skills, it never made it past the first stage. Still, I wanted to share it with the community and maybe get some thoughts on the matter. Have fun reading and give feedback if you so desire.
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