My idea how to improve League of Legends

Hello Everyone. I have an idea to improve the League of Legends League of Legends has a 100 + M monthly players and I think that 75% of these players do not recognize any of the lore of the champion and the champion of them major. (Like me xD) .League of Legends is very wide game, has 134 champions, it's 536 skills of which must know each are doing and what to do against him, and you need a skill, skill ok that's good because you play every day and every day you become better and better to me is LoL little bored, I play over four years, I like new things when something new is added to the game. I have an idea to add a single-player mode in the game, LoL has a lore or even when read in 2k17 (JK), we need something visual, something that will show us the lore, I think it's adding SP very well. For example, we have Udyr, he is for me a very good and strong, but if I am something about him ask, I would not answer. SP would popularized some champions may become a favorite champion and the rest ... Perhaps someone has played before "Warcraft 3 the frozen throne" game is on thread where you are in the most mission control one champion, which appears in one folder and you go and encounter characters kill some forest monsters, enemy troops, and so for example in loL would not be able to make a map of the elements that League of Legends has already, for Summenor's Rift used many elements, for 3v3 is also used a lot of elements, and to create a map that will be neither one of those two but a new small map, you will go through some lain through the woods to make some small way .and you meet some monsters and play one champion. first kill some small monsters, then level up then you take one skill, then you get a little stronger enemies and so you must kill a hero or boss (eg. Vile Maw). OR eg Poppy comes to Baron Nasho and he rebuked some champions and Poppy come to save them and together kill the Baron something like Epic fight xD. Or do not have to be a jungle monsters, and Jax's lore is no mention of his entire history, the story is how it was created and how it is too strong fighter and he has no weapons but picked up something from the street what he first finds the (lamp). It is mentioned in one scene where Jx is located at the gates of Demacia and there you attack an unknown warrior, not a single champion, he fought with him then come Fiora, and why would not you do to play a campaign with Jax, he comes in front of Demacia, going through a forest, attacking us their troops, we can kill them all and in the end as the last boss comes this guy who was Jax can win, but we will be a little harder because we playing. end when we finish the mission we hoped some trailer (cinematic). This does not have to be 5h of play, with one champion is enough for half an hour just to get to know his story, his history. Snd that we can choose difficult, eg: easy, medium, hard, extreme, nightmere, and .... Each time the enemy be stronger and stronger, and to make a global leaderboard, for people who do not like to play more with unknown players, he take one champion and wants to pass single player on nightmere. eg. when purring game nightmere mode gets an icon and perhaps one Crome, you no need to get the ultimate skin, just some small things that you can to show the game, or make some come for jax which can only be to the SP, or something like that . and when you get to 5v5 (normal or ranked) and take jax with that Crome, and they will say: 'wow this guy is pass jax on nightmere mode ". Maybe every 3 months to get out this one small campaign, may make 2-3 small map or a scenario where we passing 1. We are going through a forest, jungle monsters attacking us 2.padaju us heroes ambushed (Talon), he hunts in the woods, jumping from tree to tree 3.on the bridge, something like Aram's brigde, instead of holes put some meadows around, put one new character, just to make a challenge to defeat him, then Jax comes from Demacia then comes Fiora then comes the cinematic, then go from start agian getting harder and harder, then you try it as soon as you cross it to be first on the leaderboard. On leaderboard put top50 those who pre fastest with that champion or something like that. **Please leave comment down below , and what you think about this** my english is not really good , this is from google translate :/
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