Making support items mandatory

few days ago i got a velcoz support with me, i thought velcoz is a good damage support so didnt mind. but when the game started he started to compete with me for last hits and started dorans ring!!! i lost a lot of cs and we were both sitting on around 50 cs at 12mins whereas enemy adc was around 100. when i asked him to stop taking my cs, he just replys, "how will i get gold otherwise??". and when i asked to build sightstone, he just replys "are u gay???". we lost that game. i dnt blame my deaths on the support, but i could have done better if i could get farm without contest from my support and could avoid a lot of ganks if he/she build a sightstone. i can only ward so often u know.... is it just me or has anyone else got similar supports in their game?? i am currently low elo, so its common for people to have low game knowledge or good mechanics, but cant riot make an iron clad rule or impliment anything which forces you to build support item and sightstone no matter what u r playing as long as u are playing support. isnt it considering trolling if they build full ap.... what is the difference between a mid laner and support then?? {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:45}} , etc are played as support but all of them dnt give any thought about building any of the mentioned items... riot previously banned a support singed player stating that its not a healthy playstyle. my question is, is going full ap from the start and denying ur adc gold a healthy playstyle?? people play these ap champs in bot lane to have carry potential. but they can still do it even if they build support item and then go full damage, if i am not mistaken..{{item:2301}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2303}} . all these take 1 item slot and fulfill the support role... there are still 5 slots to build damage so why not??? riot please give it a thought atleast.... this post got so long because i am sooo frustrated and typing everything the way it is in my mind... guys ur opinions are most welcome.... plz correct me if i am wrong
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