LGBT characters

**Before you bash my head, consider the following:** - I'm not sure if this specific discussion has been on the forum. If yes, I apologise. - Yes. I'm well aware people are tired of being flooded with diversity. I am too, despite of what I'm about to write. We all know, we have some champions, that their prefence is different. The confirmed one, and reminding us of it everytime of it, is** Neeko.** She nearly spams lines that are telling us she's a lesbian. I don't mind that. Yet, I would love to welcome a male character, that is homosexual, and - maybe - flirts with male champions around him; in simillar matter to Neeko. I would be just more encouraging, I guess. Lesbians always have "pass", while gays are "big no-no" in the gaming community. Before someone drops Varus here - his voiceover is not updated, and Varus himself is not gay.
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