New rotating game mode [hide and seek]

**WHAT** _Hunt_. It's basically hide and seek. **CHAMPIONS** Everyone will choose their champions to use in the _hunt_. There are some disabled abilities like Twisted Fate {{champion:4}} R. **ROUNDS** There are two rounds. The other team plays a round as Teemo's{{champion:17}} (forced) and the other team plays as champions they have chosen. When the first round ends, teams switch roles. Rounds are 1+5 minutes long. 1 minute for Teemo's to hide and 5 minutes for the other team to find them. **HUNTING** Teemo's{{champion:17}} have 4 HP like control wards and damaging only happens by auto attacks. Spells that hit Teemo reveals it for 4 seconds. Teemo dies after being hit with 4 auto attacks. No respawning. **SPECIAL SPELLS AND ABILITIES** Everybody will start on level 6 and there is no leveling up and no items to buy. Some abilities are disabled like TF ult. _Teemo Q_ is like Quinn Q but more powerful. It blinds the enemy for 2 seconds and it can be used once per round. _Teemo W_ is powered (speeding for example from 400 mov spd to 500 mov spd instantly. It can be used once per round. _Teemo E_ slows the enemy 30% for 0,05 seconds. It has no cooldown (on hit). _Teemo R_ is a clone. Teemo leaves a clone of himself (which also goes invisible) and it has 4 HP. 2 clones per game and the ability has no cooldown. Teemo's have flash and cleanse. _Hunters_ have their own abilities and 2 special spells. First spell reveals the direction of the closest Teemo with an arrow and it has cooldown of 1 minute. The second spell is a ghost. **MAP** it's Dominion map :-)
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