Ricardo , The Lizard Samurai

http://imgh.us/Untitled_397.jpg Passive : Under Control 25% Bonus Lifesteal While Moving Around an Enemy's Corpse Q : Silent Greeting After attacking a target Ricardo can teleport behind dealing 30% of maximum health as bonus damage. W : Dead Cells Every 30 Seconds your target will bleed 50% of your attack damage twice. For Example : You have 100 Ad ,50% of 100 equals 50 ,your target will bleed 50 + 50 Damage. E : Scars Of Battle Marks the first enemy hit ,after 4 basic attacks ,the mark will detonate increasing your attack speed by 20% and steals 200 speed from the target. R : Ronin's Delight Ricardo Calls a wave of Shurikens in a selected area (everywhere on the map) dealing 50% of your attack damage + 50% of your bonus health for 2 seconds. This champions starts with 600 Energy And Q costs 100 , E costs 150 , and ult costs 250. What do you think ?{{item:1038}}
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