ADC item ( fan made)

Hello everyone, s7 just came out and ADCs are wors than ever. So bad that mages are slowly taking over the adc role because they can do the same thing as adcs but are way better early and mid game. The issue with adcs is that they are kind of usseles in the early and mid game, and when the late game arives, they just get one shoted. so what adcs need is a item that can make theyr early and mid game better, so they can be effective even then. so this is my idea Corupted Blade (2000gold) {{item:1037}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1042}} (+450) 40 ad 250 health 20% attack speed ranged only unique passive cant be sold the stats can change depending on its power level but the idea is that adcs can buy an item with super good stats so they can be relevant in early/mid game, but weaker late game sinds you cant sell it. sry 4 bad english btw

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