John Wick Champion

John Wick (character)
Jonathan Wick (born Jardani Jovonovich) is the title character and main protagonist of the John Wick film series. He is portrayed by Keanu Reeves. The character of John Wick is a former United States Marine turned assassin who has long retired, until a gang invades his house, steals his car and kills his dog.
**~John Wick Champion~** _**Attack Ideas:**_ Goes from handgun to automatic rifle and fires alot of bullets, causing a good deal of damage Throws gun to enemy and it should bounce back, this should cause a little damage and stun the enemy champion a bit (ULT) His dog runs to him and helps him defeat enemy champions, if the dog dies the champion gains armor, speed and damage levels (rage) He can shield himself using his bulletproof vest, he takes very little damage _**Skin ideas:**_ Full black suit []( White & black suit []( Cyberpunk 2077 []( _**Dog skin ideas:**_ Daisy []( Boy/Dog []( Other dog(s) [](
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