"Odyssey" skins and mode , opinion

New Odyssey skins are so much similar with old skins on same champions, and here are some thoughts : {{champion:157}} looks like "Prototype Yasuo" {{champion:54}} looks like "Mecha Malph" {{champion:222}} looks like combination "Slayer Jinx" with little mecha {{champion:115}} looks like "Arcade Ziggs" {{champion:37}} looks like "DJ Sona" And for mode , its like "Star Guardian" mode from last year. And to mention trailer video too, "Guardians of Galaxy" + "Wildstar" trailer from 5 years ago. So this is how Riot make more and more money, on COPY/PASTE others homework or making same again like they made Lunar Lux skin that looks like Elementalist Lux. Its so obvious. I saw better ideas from Boards, than these skins! Riot, make new ideas, dont steal and make plagiarism any more please ! Change my mind RITO.

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