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Your Shop Returns | League of Legends
Your Shop is now open for business, and we'll be here in your client until March 27, 2018, at 07:59 GMT. Go take a look and let us know how it goes! If you don't like what you get, I will personally walk over to the sweet little robot and yell at it for you.
**The private shop **is wonderful and i have gotten some **lovely discounts** on skins i really like, but that was **some time ago** and in my opinion, this Bot that decides for what skins i **might** like, has a huge **downside**. My current **main role** is **ADC** and i have as well played marksman around 90% of the time recently. Which of course makes sense when the **bot for private shop** think that i would want a skin for marksman/Bot-lane champions. **However**, because that im main ADC, i already have pretty much **all the skins** for almost all the ADCs. Then additionlly for the bot to **only** give me discounts on the ADC-skins that i do not own (which are the cheaper ones or same valued that i don't feel like having, since i already own the more expesive ones or in my view "cooler"), that made the private shops i have gotten quite **useless and undesirable**. I for example have Mid-lane as a secondary and i really do like going mid as well, i tend to periodically switch beweteen these two lanes. It would therefore be fantastic if i could get some discounts on some of the Mid-laners that i do not have so many of. But because the bot thinks that "that guy have recently **only** played adc and have only been going Bot-lane, i will then **only** give him discounts of the adc champions. I could of course start maining mid before the Shop comes, but first of all, i do not know when the Shop will appear, and secondly, it kind of resticts me from play what I in that very moment want to.
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