Project Wartales : League of Legends Lore Revamped

Hey there guys, it's Vixen 7 back from the dead :D It's been a while since we last hung out here, and I missed each and everyone of you lots! I haven't really been around much, had a bunch of things to take care of, but now I am free again and back at my favourite place in the whole world ^^ Usually, those of you who remember me, tend to remember me by my mushy stories that brought tears to your eyes all those centuries ago :p But, to the point, I came across something amazing that I wanted to share with all of you, but before I say what it is, I must start from the very beggining ~ *timeshift to 3 years ago* It might sound kind of silly, but when I was just starting out with this game, a very long time ago, I always chose to play champions I could somehow connect to. Not connect visually though, as in, oh look such a cool skin or wow this outfit, or this badass look, nah, not even close. What made me lean towards a champion was who they were, what their mindset was like, their attitude, view of the world, their history, present, and future. Their experiences and relationships. Ok, maybe the cool outfits too, but only a bit. When I tried to explain this to a very old friend once, they told me that i was being incredibly naive. Why would I choose to learn champions who just simply weren't "the meta" "the strongest" , who the heck cares about such a thing as lore or a champion's background? Well, I do care, I always did. I always liked to think about this incredible world Riot gave us, the characters in it, the stories in it, both tragic and happy, violent and gentle, scary and funny. What we usually get in lore, are just some small snippets, chunks of stories that carry great potential. I always wished someone were bold enough to actually dive into them and explore them a bit more. Just prolong them, get more out of them. There are, of course, a bunch of sites, places, where people try to bring these characters to life, illustrate them in their own way, but it always felt to me at least, like something is always missing, either the characters are not on point, or the story is not in depth enough, or the plot is simply too linear. I am a very demanding reader, not many authors manage to fulfill my desires when it comes to reading. *timeshift to present day* But then, imagine my surprise when I actually managed to come across one. An author who actually got an idea to tie the whole league lore that we know of. From the beginning, to the very end, in the most amazing descritpive detail. The story has only just begun with the first part of it completed, and I can tell you guys, as someone who actually loves lore, loves reading, and loves league, I never imagined I would fall in love with someone else's interpretation of all the events that transpired in Runeterra. You think you knew your main? All the ins and outs, what goes through their mind, what they went through? Not like this, I can guarantee it. I for one got a completely different view on some characters I hated, and fell more in love with the characters I already loved. And the best part of it all, is that they are all true to their lore, to how they were originally made. If you are a true fan of league lore, and you were always searching for a place where you could actually read about your favourite characters without cringing at how out of character they are, I suggest you get your reading equipment ready. Get comfy, get blankets, your cats and dogs, fish, hamsters, poros, tea and snacks, get cozy,because once you get started you won't be moving for a while. Speaking from experience here! I just wanted to share this amazing thing I came across with the rest of you fellow boards dwellers, because I am certain there are more lore fans out there beside me ^^ And even if not lore fans, I am sure you will find it very interesting to have some more realistic insight into your favourite champions. There is a lot to experience, joy, humor, tragedy, heart wrenching moments, drama, feels left and right. I hope you guys enjoy it once you decide to check it out. **Welcome!** Oh and also, if you wish to join the discussion, hang out with fellow readers, laugh and cry together as the story twists and turns be sure to drop by to the official Wartales discord!
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