Why is Annie so simple

Annie is litterly the simplest champ in game Even Garen has way more in his kit Annie only has damage and 1 stun and thats it. Annie Q only Deals damage Annie W only Deals damage Annie E charge up the stun and gives a small damage reduction boost which is almost nothing Annie R not only deals damage but tibbers can be usefull to block abilitys now i compare her kit to garens and then u see that even garen has way more in his kit Garens Q does not only deal damage but it also silence and breaks from slows Garens W Grants Armor and MR MAssive damage reduction and tenacy Garen E does not only deal damage but also shredds armor Garens R is just an outplay button its only for damage I wish Annie would have a full VGU because her Model and voice over is pretty terrible aswell. After seeing the annie origin id want to see a full VGU of her because she was cool in her origin And if u see her in game then ur like this is an different annie then the one in the origin. + Her current voice over is just annoying . Dark child more like annoying spoiled brat And her Clothes , she doesnt look like an actual child she is like pippi langstocking
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