lack of creation i resort to trolling and inting

my main reason to troll for me is becaus i see every year the same things couple of champs get released and a bunch of skins i dondt mind that but what i do mind is the destruction of old content just so you can boast to make it better i liked old champs more then the reworks the only champs i dindt mind the rework was {{champion:22}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:13}} some minor such as changing q or some total reworks but the rest of the reworks i just hate becaus my champion that i grow fond over is gone not just temporarly but permanent and i dondt think thats anything good if a gameplay of a champion isnt good to standard then ok i understand ryze was a nightmare either you were good with old ryze and stomp the game or you fall off and get almost nothing riot focus is in my expierence lacking 1 focus on skins ( owk i understand this a bit but doesnt make me see the other things need tweeking) 2 total reworks ( only if the champ sees not fit for high tier game play ore none (fun) interaction) 3 new champs ( not have a problem but it shows the want of making new content 4 lcs only focus they focus more on competitive game play and doesnt care about people that dondt care for competitive like me i just wanna do silly stuf like going full life steal old yorrick or old aatrox in my opinion they should more focus on 1 game modes (like magma chamber) 2 urf ( i know when you stop urf not many people come back but think about why they see the repatetive gameplay team need in best case low elo means as soon as a smurf or troll is in one of youre game its decided where in urf there is none of this and before you say solo q understand that trolls in solo q are much worse in my opinion) 3 make more runes and more viable instead of forced choise with a forced extra attached to the rune in my eyes there was nothing wrong with masteries and runes from the old days wanna know why becaus you just could get annything you want attackspeed full blast so you could have 1,3 attackspeed on vayne level 1 and dondt need to buy much attackspeed items in a forced meta 4 make more pls more viable health and support items i know this seems wierd but i played mundo few weeks ago from a hiatus for 1 year and i can say out of confidence not wanting to play him 5 give pls more map deceration mid looks so ugly bot feels a jail cell in my opinion jungle is just boring and top gives a auto edge to bleu side becaus as red you must worry that someone is comming behind you from 2 lanes if pushed in were as bleu only 1 6 give some creddit for support they get hardly bashed for the kill death assist ratio why becaus most people view a support must have 10 assists to justify one death i know riot doesnt give anything about the comminity just as when they lied about 1 getting urf every two weeks 2 magma chamber 3 special game modes each week ( where is hexakill or one for all 4 promised not to focus around lcs but when i open the client getting smacked first by it and then have a (mission tab) that also says i needed to watch lcs championship in my eyes i want rather see a game between irons becaus its more amusing and funny mistakes (i do it to and i can laugh about it becaus im not a stuck up brat trying to become pro) then seeing people play a game for money and fame what do you say
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