Quinn - Undo the rework

After 2 years of league of legends i have come to the realization that riot will never be able to release a rework or new champion without them being stupidly over powered with no weakness to take advantage of. This season is the worst though, ADC's had the biggest advantage in league to begin with considering they were ranged and just shat on any melee in lane. But now they decided that adc's needed more items and passives...etc that can help them further destroy melees? And anyone else for that matter? Like what even is her role? Top? ADC? Jungle? Mid? doesn't matter cuz they are all more that viable with her burst, sustained damage, cc, movement speed and at six her now cooldownless ult? Riot i can you undo her rework? Who agrees? And yes i did lose a game to her before righting this, but this has been a long time coming. Blind, cc, speed, ranged? i neednt say more.
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