Make minimap place flexible!

Being used to playing fps I joined league in preseason 6. I've played on and off and never really took my "skills" to ranked until last season where i played a little more. Fast forward to now, when i started playing league some more again after having played a shitload of CoD BO4 and I can't get used to the place where my minimap is and quite honestly it sucks. Somehow my brain just doesn't register the minimap and I have to think about looking on it instead of doing it automatically. Whereas in CoD I'm just used to constantly looking on the minimap, as it's also where I am looking normally. Therefore I'd love the option to make the minimap moveable to maybe 4 locked spots. Top left and right and bottom left and right. This way you can choose whatever you like. For me (as example) I'd love to have my minimap in the top left. Thanks a lot and I hope it goes through someday!

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