I’m writing an essay involving League and I need some help from the community!! (Survey)

EE Survey - Microtransactions
Hello there, this is a survey to help me with my Extended Essay, a 4000 word project that I need to write in order to get my diploma. I have decided to write mine about microtransactions and I need some help to get the data required.
Hi everyone, so I‘m a student in the 2nd year of the IB where we need to write an Extended Essay, essentially a 4000 word essay on any topic of our choosing. Being a gamer, I figured why not integrate gaming into mine? So I decided to write it on microtransactions. Here‘s the link to my survey; https://goo.gl/forms/X0nGGgLN7HEpOYID3 All data will be collected anonymously and won‘t be publicly shared (unless someone asks for it). It just includes some basic questions involving how much RP you buy and what plays a role in determining that. There‘s also a section for Fortnite as I will be comparing the results from both games, but if you only play one of them you should be able to mark the other questions as not applicable!! I really hope you guys can help me out with this, it shouldn‘t take too long to fill in. Thank you for your time! Please share if possible :) Renai
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