Fiddlesticks Rework! Making use of his Scythe! Melee AP Assassin Aproach

**The Visual Update**: He should look "better"(up to date, really), as in new polished model with new textures and off course new VFX for his new skills/reworked skills. But mainly his Scythe should match his old Splash: Big! Maybe the Scythe in the splash is just prespective and it is small but, the idea is to get it Big! I found this in another thread, which the guy from that thread found the image on the internet. This is a work done by and I found it out on a board from iHeyt. And this could be his new skin when the rework comes out! **Elderwood Fiddlesticks**. But in different colors, because of all the other elderwoods. Maybe colors that call out for compaition as does his pose and relation with the bird. This skins is made by Korhiper on Deviantart >**NOTE** - Numbers are only TENTATIVE I always thought that fiddle needed a rework since 1)he is a pentakill machine and 2) this kit doenst fit his looks and 3) its outdated a "little"... he is a freakin scarecrow with life AND with a freakin' Scythe!!!! One of the nicest concepts in this game! He should live up to his name/looks. While still maintaning a ultimate that Suprise Party skin can still be used for, dont worry. So: **Passive - Scarecrow**: After being still for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 seconds and taking no damage, Fiddlesticks positions himself like a lifeless scarecrow. When enemy champions get vision of him by suprise, they will be Terrified by 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 seconds, based on level. He will also fear an enemy champion for the same duration if the enemy in question hasn't had vision of him for the last 1.5 seconds(works only with skills, including ultimate), this Fear-engage can only fear the first enemy he engages, the second wont be "suprised" by his engage. The same enemy can't be feared again for the next 10 seconds. Additionally, he also attracts a Crow every 14 seconds up to a maximum of 5 that fly around him. When he becomes a Scarecrow and Terrifys them, all the scarecrows will fly in that enemy champion's direction, dealing damage, in a cone to every enemy, per Crow used. Killing a unit cuts 1 second of the Crow cooldown and 1 Crow will attack an enemy(any type of enemy) if Fiddlesticks hits any skill of his dealing "25" magic damage(I mean really low damage per Crow, but with a lot of crows you get some medium damage) Explaining the Terrify: If champions put a ward(or just find him with no ward) in their vision radius and he is there as a Scarecrow, champions will be terrified but if they place a blue trinket(or if he is already as a scarecrow when there is vision/ward) and find him away from the champion's vision radius, they wont get terrified and can get close to him without getting terrified. **Q - Cruved Doom(Its a scythe dash - New)**: Fiddlesticks dashes a little and swings his Scythe at the end of the dash or if he hits an enemy while dashing, dealing damage in a cone he hits an enemy. Also, if he hits an enemy he is able to cast Q again for a line attack with his scythe that will deal a little more damage and slow enemies. Pros&Cons: Really short dash(Riven's E). Medium-High damage. Low Cooldown, **W - Drain(reworked)**: Fiddlesticks sends forward a magic that if it hits an enemy it will drain its life, dealing damage and healing fiddlesticks and will also give a movement speed towards that target and perpendicular to the target(to the sides) for the durations of the drain. If Fiddle get's CCd the Drain will stop. Fiddle can attack while duration is active on a target. Pros&Cons: High cooldown but refreshed if he kills a unit that is being Drained. Same range. **E - Dark Wind(reworked from his old ultimate)**: Fiddlesticks crows start flying around him really fast, dealing damage per second to nearby enemies and silencing enemies for 1 second. Enemies cant be silenced again for 5(?) seconds. Pros&Cons: Low cooldown, half or less the range of his old ultimate and its an On and Off ability like Swain's ultimate or Au Sol's W. **R - Harbringer of Doom/Crowstorm: Also tweaked from the old ultimate**: Fiddlesticks channels for 1 seconds to then dash almost instantly to a location, swinging his scythe with an incredible power. If he hits an enemy, he will deal damage to that enemy. As the attack is so powerful and horrifing, Fiddlesticks Terrifies every enemy around him for the same duration as his passive. And if he has Crows they will bounce from terrified champion to terrified champion, for a maximum of 2 bounces, dealing damage per crow(crows wont bounce in the "ultied" enemy champion). After using this ability, Fiddlesticks becomes very "attractive" to crows, gaining 1 Crow per second for 5 seconds. If he fails this ultimate, however, he will be slowed by 50% for 1 second, after the landing; he still gains the "attractive" passive(i cant think of another name for this passive xD). Pros&Cons: High cooldown, if fiddles starts with no Crows, his ult wont do damage to terrified enemies, only Fear to enemies around and damage to the hit enemy by the dash. Really fast dash but STILL can be CCd. Plan before using(Crows and Positioning). I think this is a really great idea for him, making him what he SEEMS to be by looking at his splash art and what I really wished him to be: an **AP Jungle Assassin and a bit of a Fighter.** Or an **AP Jungle Fighter with a bit of Assassin* dunno which it is with the kit I have propoused. Mainly the kit that I propoused will make him a counter jungler fighter with a salt of assassin. ---------------------------------------- **Builds **- Jungle: Runic Echoes, Rylai's and RoA. Top: RoA, Luden's and Rylai's. Mid: Lich Bane, Luden's, Rylai's and new Morellomonicomonim. **Runes**: maybe normal AP, maybe with some CDR. >**Riot**, what do you think? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Please!... Edit1: Changed the ultimate to a more rewardable and more challenging skill to complete. Failing will not be apreciated though, but hitting will be powerful as hell. Also changed his passive build-up for an easier build-up early game but harder late-game as the fear lasts longer. Edit2: Made his passive a bit fore useful while engaging. Will fear the enemy he first attacked if they havent had vision of him for the last 1.5 seconds. Also added that the same enemy cant be feared for the next 10 seconds. Also clarified that he can't fear a second enemy with his fear-engage mechanic. Edit3: Added a different image which it could be a the skin that comes out with the rework, like GP. And images from a rework found on the boards. Edit4: **Thank you Riot for putting my Scarecrow idea into the game, but you could hve at least made a shoutout orsomething. That is just straight up stealing an idea. I was uncredited.** For those who have not seen, its in the passive.
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